MPC Beats Pack F9 - Essentials Synth Bass Pack Shot

F9 - Essentials Synth Bass MPC Beats Expansion


F9 - Essentials Synth Bass

F9 proudly presents the much anticipated Essential Synth Bass. Following on from their incredible F9 Instruments MPC Expansion, this pack brings you a whole slice of retro and contemporary synth bass instruments, expertly curated for modern producers.

Discover for yourself, sounds that will inspire your next beat! Please note: All bass parts within the audio demos were created using the F9 Essential instruments.

Demos contains additional drums, midi parts, melodic and FX samples not contained within this release.

MPC Beats Edition "Expansion Packs" deliver premium kits and samples for producers starting their musical journey into beat production. MPC Beats Expansions bring producer ready kits taken from our acclaimed "MPC Official Expansion" collection, taking your beats to the next level.

You’ll find everything from AraabMusik, DECAP “Drums That Knock” to producer such as Snipe Young making records for “Chris Brown”.

Beats Expansions offer 5 premium kits which instantly load into MPCBeats professionally mapped so you’re ready to go…….. We also have a collection of Production-Ready Instrument Expansions with exclusive content from Essential 808s to TrapSoul Synth Basses.

Audio Samples