F9 Electric Funk


Retro 80s Funk Instruments + Kits for MPC

F9 Audio proudly introduces an unrivalled collection of retro 80s Electric Funk instruments and kits for the MPC platform. With painstaking multi-sampling of select vintage hardware, we're delivering the pulsating power and unique grit of the 80s through the MPC's industry-leading sample playback engine.

We've curated the distinct synths, drum machines, and FX devices from the vibrant era when funk electrified transistor technology, sparking a brand-new musical trend.

  • A 4Gb+ MPC Expansion
  • 133 Fully Playable MPC Keygroup instruments
  • 14 Robust Drum Kits
  • 15 Dynamic Drum and FX menus
  • 11 Expressive Melodic 1-shot menus
  • Comprehensive set of Qlink macros for each patch/kit
  • Audio previews for all components: patches, kits, menus, and kit sequences.

F9 Electric Funk Kits

Our 80s-inspired, 14-kit pack uses state-of-the-art technology to recreate the unforgettable punch and tonality of analogue filter chips. Featuring custom-burnt Eproms, a round-robin 808 kit, layered kits, and 15 drum/FX menus with sounds spread across multiple banks. Also includes 11 banks of melodic and chordal chops and one-shot hits.

F9 Electric Funk Basses

Experience the undeniable growl of an analogue synth bass from the 80s, featuring 38 clear, round-robin playback bass patches. Expect a unique blend of analogue power, drift, and swagger that's a welcome departure from today's 808 drones.

F9 Electric Funk Synths

The 80s were the era of knobs-studded keyboards and minimalist FM interfaces, but what stood out was the distinct, scorching sound of an 80s polysynth - a sonic signature that remains etched in public memory. Our collection perfectly captures the essence of major synth groups - Jupiters, Prophets, Junos, and OBX's, all vying to elevate your chords, lines, and improvisations to an unprecedented level of future-retro. With the flawless performance of the MPC's Keygroup engine, these synths will cut through your mix like a hot knife through butter.

F9 Electric Funk Keys

Featuring 34 Key patches that offer everything from the famous Glassy FM Pianos to unique 12bit sampler patches. These keys add chordal warmth to the analog underscore, lifting your beat while providing layering possibilities.

F9 Electric Funk Plucks

A nod to the golden age of sequencers, we've created 15 pluck patches, capturing the percussive FM, analog and early digital devices in constant motion, bringing the studio time-keeper experience to your fingertips.

F9 Electric Funk Leads

Our 17 leads perfectly close this expansion, capturing the melodic intensity of Arps, Moogs, Sequentials, and Fairlights from the Techno-Funk era. This pack promises high resonance and 5th-tuned second oscillators. Dive in fearlessly.

Please note:

  • The main audio demo was created with sounds F9 Electric funk for MPC ( every drum sound, instrument and FX / One shot ).
  • Additional mixing, arranging and editing was applied to create the final demo.
  • The midi information for the music you hear in the demos is not contained in this release.
  • This product has been released previously at f9-audio.com
Listen to audio sample

F9 Electric Funk


F9 Audio proudly introduces an unrivalled collection of retro 80s Electric Funk instruments and kits for the MPC platform.

Listen to the audio sample

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