F9 Origins Classic House


Immerse yourself in the hazy aura of 90s club culture with the F9 Origins expansion, available in MPC format.

This carefully curated collection encapsulates the iconic sound that defined an era of dance music, serving it fresh for modern producers. We've successfully bottled the vibrant rhythms, pulsating beats, and memorable early-digital and analog tones that set the 90s club scene apart. Experience the nostalgia of past decades and inject your contemporary production with the enduring energy of classic house music.

For the Origins sampling journey, we returned to the authentic hardware synths, drum machines, and FX processors that gave 90s house music its unique and potent sonic identity. This authenticity endows the pack with an unparalleled advantage, embodying the substantial body, intensity, and vigor of the keyboard, synth, and bass sounds that propelled classic house music onto global nightclubs and radio airwaves.

Available as fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments, kits, and menus for MPC software and hardware versions running MPC 2.11 or later, and Akai Force V3.2 or later.

  • 4Gb+ MPC Expansion
  • 142 Fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments
  • 17 Drum Kits
  • 13 Drum and FX menus
  • Comprehensive set of Qlink macros for each patch/kit
  • Audio previews for all patches, kits, menus, and kit sequences

F9 Origins Kits + Drum Menus

Explore the classic house era with 17 exceptional MPC drum kits. Round-robin 808 and 909 kits combine with the 12-bit essence of 707 and 727 kits, resonant in early Detroit and Chicago house. Our vintage samplers, including the MPC 3000, SP1200, and rackmount classics, give these kits the era's authentic sound.

13 Drum and Sound FX menus conclude the rhythm section, offering a wealth of sounds per patch for overdubs and inspiration.

F9 Origins Pianos & Key Patches

Our five renowned house piano patches shine brilliantly via the MPC Keygroup engine, offering a perfect blend of bite and vitality. Additionally, our broad collection of 23 key patches covers all essential elements - including classic 90s ROMpler, Analog, and FM sounds. Experience a rich tapestry of sounds from shimmering keys, haunting baritone saxes, sleepless Pizz leads, to classic 8-bit vocal leads right at your fingertips.

F9 Origins Bass Patches

Our pack features 28 distinctive classic bass patches, digging deep into the revered synths used by the pioneers. We could use the words solid and lately to describe 2 very famous patches basses and these live alongside 3Osc classics and Polysynth staples, with round-robin 303 patches adding spice.

F9 Origins Synth Patches

This pack's soul lies in its 37 synth patches. We've recreated iconic stabs and brass from French Kiss,a very famous Juno patch from the underworld, and a growling lead from an MS-20 delivering da funk in spades. These patches marry nostalgia with 21st-century sonics, thanks to meticulous multisampling and the MPC's power.

F9 Origins Stabs and Strings Patches

Our 15 stab patches recall memories of crowded warehouses pulsating to the beat of house music. This collection includes classic samples of clips, chords, synth blips, and piano chunks.The included 10 String patches lend melody to your classic-leaning productions, with staccato strikes and 12-bit pads. These patches can create moody breakdowns to joyous melodic sequences. These stings are for life.

F9 Origins Organ and Pad Patches

The pack's 9 Organ patches can produce melodic rhythmic chords, Huge slabs of main room bite. We've got to show you love. 15 Pad Patches complete this expansive MPC expansion, providing tones from early Chicago style pads to lavish digital workstation pads, including a classic 'Slippy' patch. Timeless sounds indeed.

Please note:

  • The main audio demo was created with sounds F9 Origins for MPC ( every drum sound, instrument and FX / One shot ).
  • Additional mixing, arranging and editing was applied to create the final demo.
  • The midi information for the music you hear in the demos is not contained in this release.
  • This product has been released previously at f9-audio.com
Listen to audio sample

F9 Origins Classic House


Immerse yourself in the hazy aura of 90s club culture with the F9 Origins expansion, available in MPC format.

Listen to the audio sample

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