Experience the Legendary American Synth Sound for MPC & FORCE

  • A 4 Voice Poly Synth based on the classic American synthesizer legend
  • Painstakingly modeled oscillator section includes 8 authentic oscillator waveforms Multiple LFO shapes with 19 selections including ramps, sine, square, triangle, random, and steps
  • Over 400 Presets ranging from Basses, Leads, Percussion, and Synth FX
  • Two filters included- “Ladder” and “Modern” with Cutoff, Reso, Contour, and a dedicated feedback path
  • Built-in creative effects chain including EQ, Chorus, and Delay
  • Requires FORCE 3.2 or MPC 2.11.6 firmware update
  • VST/AU/AAX versions also included! Purchase unlocks plug-in on three devices.

Get the classic American synth sound inside your MPC or FORCE.

Mini D unlocks a world of stunning sounds based on one of the most iconic synths ever made – but with updated features that bring modern flexibility and new possibilities. Everything you’ll expect is here – classic warm and punchy sounds, served up with a stunning interface and 300 modern and retro presets to bring new sonic class to your productions.


Features expansive presets crafted by the AIR engineering team. Listen to a preview to hear samples from this amazing MPC instrument.

Listen to audio sample

Classic Oscillator Shapes for Classic Sounds

With 8 authentically modeled oscillator shapes, the Mini D synth is a powerhouse of rich, vibrant tone. Stack three oscillators per voice (Max of 4 Voices) with pitch detune on voices 2 and 3 to make massive pads, drone basses, or searing leads. Each Oscillator can be devoted as a mod source and includes traditional wave pitch ranges from 32'-2'.

Sculpt your sound with rich filter harmonics

Mini D includes the “Classic” ladder style filter model with painstaking attention paid to the feedback section to create a truly remarkable emulation of the original. The filter can be tied to a key start or a second mod control source for sounds that morph and sweep over time, creating instant energy in your sound. In addition to the Ladder filter, Mini D synth also includes a “modern” style filter that emulates the more recent style of feedback filters to give your synth sound a more modern vibe.

Add depth and character with effects- no pedals needed!

Unlike the original, the Mini D comes with three effects already on the end of the signal chain, perfect for adding color to your sounds without the need of outboard gear or using additional effects after the plugin. EQ with Low/Mid/High bands and gain control Stereo chorus effects to widen the sound with spread and mix controls Delay with tempo sync, high pass, stereo width, feedback and more

Easy to find Bass, Lead, and Synth Tones

Built by the world-renowned Air Music team in Germany, the pre-sets in Mini D will inspire you! With over ten categories ranging from Bass to leads to Synth FX, you will surely find sounds that can be used immediately in your next track or great starting points for experimenting and customizing your own tones.

Sounds Mode: A fast and intuitive way to find the perfect analog sound with Mini D!

The new Sounds browser for standalone makes finding and saving your favorite patch a breeze. Sounds mode lets you browse patches, change key ranges, and create massive performances! This colorful and easy-to-use interface will have you making a banger in no time.

Download the Demo for MPC Desktop

This plugin is only available for standalone MPC OS version 2.11.6 or MPC desktop version 2.11.6 (or later). Download a demo of the MPC desktop software now to try out this amazing new plugin! If you own a standalone MPC, you can demo these instruments by updating your MPC OS, navigating on your MPC to the “Authorize Plugins” section of the Preferences menu, logging into your inMusic account, and hitting Start Trial.


Mini D System Requirements

MINI D is designed to support VST 2 and VST3 Plugin hosts as well as full support for AU, AAX, and MPC/FORCE Standalone systems. This software requires an internet connection to authorize. You will need to install Akai’s MPC desktop software version 2.11 or higher to use desktop versions of the plugins.

WindowsMacMPC/FORCE Standalone Compatibility
Windows 10 (21H2) - Windows 11 (21H2)macOS 10.15.7 Catalina - macOS 12.4 Monterey (M1 compatible - check Specific MPC Models for Driver Support)Mini D is designed to run on standalone MPC systems running 2.11 or later, and FORCE systems running 3.2 or later, including:
2GB free disk space (20GB for all content recommended)2GB free disk space (20GB for all content)MPC One
4GB RAM (8GB recommended)4GB RAM (8GB recommended)MPC Live
Dual-core 2.5GHz CPUDual-core 2.5GHz CPUMPC Live II
VST 2/3 compatible hostVST 2/3 Plugin compatible hostMPC X
AAX plugin compatible hostAAX plugin compatible hostMPC Key 37
AU plugin compatible hostMPC Key 61
MPC One+

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