Organic Tone and Color

  • Ten tonewheel sets including Real, Dirty, Clean, Rich, Bright, Buzz, Square, Saw, Soft, and Sine
  • Nine traditional organ drawbars for sculpting tone
  • Add scanner vibrato and Leslie rotary speaker emulation for a classic organ sound
  • Built-in effects including EQ, delay, and reverb

Classic Organ Sounds with Hands-On Control

Smooth, polished, vibrant—that’s what you’ll hear from the new Organ on your MPC! Whether you’re playing jazz, R&B, gospel, rock, or hip-hop, the Organ plugin adds the perfect warmth and tone to your tracks. With nine drawbars, ten incredible tonewheel sets, and built-in effects like scanner vibrato, rotary speaker simulators, and drive settings, the Organ plugin will have you making brilliant music in minutes.


Features expansive presets crafted by the AIR engineering team. Listen to a preview to hear samples from this amazing MPC instrument.

Listen to audio sample

The Perfect Organ for Any Performance!

The AIR Organ instrument brings you a rich, expressive experience built inside a stunning user interface. The AIR Organ also includes a robust collection of built-in FX from authentic scanner vibrato and drive to the AIR rotary speaker emulation, all with controls designed to make editing easy.  From gospel to jazz, funk to R&B, ballads to reggae, the AIR Organ will add organic magic to your music.

Stylize Your Organ Sound with Built-in Effects

Organ includes multiple effects like rich reverbs, delays, and EQ. Create deep and warm organ patches with tons of life and realism by using the built-in effects included with the instrument. Delay effects allow you to adjust time, ratio, feedback, mix, and resonance filtering. Reverb models include Soft, Bright, Studio, Chamber, Hall, and Ambient, all with feedback and mix controls.

The Ultimate Rotary Emulation

The swirling speaker effects of Organ come from AIR Music Technology’s award-winning rotary emulation engine, allowing you to dial in an authentic organ sound. Adjust slow and fast rate, stereo spread, hi/lo tone, modulation, and the overall wet/dry mix. You can then adjust the speed of the rotary to get that modulated organ sound!

Sounds Mode: A Fast and Intuitive Way to get the Perfect Organ Sound with your MPC!

The new MPC Sounds browser for standalone makes finding and saving your favorite patch a breeze. Sounds mode for MPC standalone lets you browse patches, change key ranges, and create massive performances! This colorful and easy-to-use interface will have you making a banger in no time.


"The Beauty of having [instruments] like this, it allows you to find the perfect sound and melody... I'm just completely blown away; it went so far beyond my imagination."

- Scott Storch

8 Time Grammy® award-winning producer and Keyboard player.

Download the Demo for MPC Desktop

This instrument is only available for standalone MPC OS version 2.11 or MPC desktop version 2.11 (or later). Download a demo of the MPC desktop software now to try out this amazing new instrument! If you own a standalone MPC, you can demo these instruments by navigating on your MPC to the “Authorize Plugins” section of the Preferences menu, logging into your inMusic account, and hitting Start Trial.


Organ System Requirements

The Organ is designed to work exclusively on MPC standalone and inside MPC desktop software. It does not support VST, AU, AAX, or other native PC formats at this time. You will need to install Akai’s MPC desktop software version 2.11 or higher to use desktop versions of the plugins.

WindowsMacMPC Standalone Compatibility
Windows 10 (21H2) - Windows 11 (21H2)macOS 10.15.7 Catalina - macOS 12.4 Monterey (M1 compatible - check Specific MPC Models for Driver Support)Organ is designed to run on standalone MPC systems running 2.11 or later, including:
2GB free disk space (20GB for all content recommended)2GB free disk space (20GB for all content)MPC One
4GB RAM (8GB recommended)4GB RAM (8GB recommended)MPC Live
Dual-core 2.5GHz CPUDual-core 2.5GHz CPUMPC Live II
MPC Key 61