Brilliant Multi-Layer Sampled Pianos with Nuanced Articulation!

  • 4 world-class piano sample sets captured from the Yamaha C7 Grand, Steinway D Grand, Bechstein Upright, and Classic “Workstation” sounds
  • Add expressive and customizable piano tones to MPC One, MPC Live/Live II, MPC X & FORCE
  • Control hammer falls, sustain, staccato, and soft pedals to craft the perfect piano performance
  • Built-in multi-effects engine with compressor, EQ, delay, reverb, lo-fi effects, and more
  • Use the MPC “Sounds Mode” to easily find patches and quickly save your favorites
  • VST/AU/AAX versions also included! Purchase unlocks plug-in on three devices.

Four Classic Piano Sounds, Sampled with Perfection

Stage Piano includes multi-layer sample sets collected from the world’s most impressive acoustic pianos that cost more than a car! With Stage Piano, you can get the best and most sought-after acoustic pianos inside your MPC, FORCE or desktop system. The AIR engineering team has painstakingly sampled each piano model in Germany to make sure they captured the natural beauty of the instrument’s acoustic characteristics.

Yamaha C7 Grand Model

This 7-foot-wide piano is one of the world’s most in-demand models for the stage and live recording. You can usually find this piano in well-equipped and expensive studios, jazz venues, and hotel lobbies thanks to its rich tone and “just right” natural volume in various spaces.

Steinway D Sample Model

Since 1853, Steinway Pianos have been famous for their warm, rich, and resonant tones. The Steinway D is known for its unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and nuanced playability. At over 9 feet wide, it’s also one of the most expansive and expensive pianos you could ever buy—it’s so big it takes up a whole room! Now you can have it right inside your MPC/FORCE system!

Bechstein Upright Model

This legendary piano crafted in Germany has one of the richest histories of all pianos. Bechstein upright and grand pianos use every well-known piano manufacturing process, resulting in instruments capable of subtle nuance and detailed responsiveness. This Bechstein upright model will have you playing classic piano tunes with one of the most iconic piano tones ever.


The workstation model was taken directly from AIR’s highly acclaimed Xpand!2 sample library and features a “classic” synthesizer workstation style tone with a harder transient attack and more high-end color. It is perfect for getting the piano sound you’ve heard on thousands of records of the 90s, 00s, and today. This model is your typical “workhorse” piano with a sound that will cut through any mix!

Elegant and Expressive Piano Sounds Sampled from World-Renowned Instruments

Experience the joy of playing the most acclaimed pianos in history with brilliant multi-sampled sounds that offer you access to the original instrument’s sonic characteristics and timbre options. With its elegant interface, you can control the piano model's dynamics, age, and even the lid position and mechanics of the hammers. Stage Piano also gives you access to attack and release amplitude control, bringing your concert to life. In addition, Stage Piano includes a powerful FX section allowing you to add creative timbres to your tones.


Features expansive presets crafted by the AIR engineering team. Listen to a preview to hear samples from this amazing instrument.

Take it to the Stage and Put the Pedal to the Metal!

We built Stage Piano with piano players in mind, whether they are on-stage or in the studio. The plugin includes plenty of articulations and foot pedal parameters that give you the natural expression of a real acoustic piano. Each sample set offers separate pedal parameters that will let you adjust the level of sustain resonance, hammer falls, staccato release, and soft pedal to create a genuinely accurate piano performance. As a result, Stage Piano offers the most realistic and engaging piano sound you can hear in your MPC production system.

Built-In Effects Engine to Color and Stylize your Piano Sounds

Stage Piano includes multiple effects like Flavor timbre control, EQ, compression, rich reverb, and delay. Create brilliant shimmers, dark haunting echoes, or spacey washed pianos with a cutting-edge effects engine built into the instrument.

Includes VST/AU/AAX formats FREE for your DAW!

Bring the power of your MPC plugins to Logic, Ableton Live – or any VST/AU/AXX compatible host. Purchase an MPC plugin and you’ll get the VST/AU/AAX versions free of charge so you can fire them up in your hardware AND your favorite DAW.

Sounds Mode: A fast and intuitive way to get THAT sound!

The new MPC/FORCE sounds browser for standalone makes finding or saving your favorite patch a breeze. Sounds mode for MPC & FORCE Standalone lets you browse patches, change key ranges, and create massive performances!

"The Beauty of having [instruments] like this, it allows you to find the perfect sound and melody... I'm just completely blown away; it went so far beyond my imagination."

- Scott Storch

8 Time Grammy® award-winning producer and Keyboard player.

Download the Demo for MPC Desktop

This plugin is only available for standalone MPC OS version 2.11.6 or MPC desktop version 2.11.6 (or later). Download a demo of the MPC desktop software now to try out this amazing new plugin! If you own a standalone MPC, you can demo these instruments by updating your MPC OS, navigating on your MPC to the “Authorize Plugins” section of the Preferences menu, logging into your inMusic account, and hitting Start Trial.


Stage Piano System Requirements

Stage Piano is designed to support VST 2 and VST3 Plugin hosts as well as full support for AU, AAX, and MPC/FORCE Standalone systems. This software requires an internet connection to authorize. You will need to install Akai’s MPC desktop software version 2.11 or higher to use desktop versions of the plugins.

WindowsMacMPC/FORCE Standalone Compatibility
Windows 10 (21H2) - Windows 11 (21H2)macOS 10.15.7 Catalina - macOS 12.4 Monterey (M1 compatible - check Specific MPC Models for Driver Support)Stage Piano is designed to run on standalone MPC systems running 2.11 or later, and FORCE systems running 3.2 or later, including:
2GB free disk space (20GB for all content recommended)2GB free disk space (20GB for all content)MPC One
4GB RAM (8GB recommended)4GB RAM (8GB recommended)MPC Live
Dual-core 2.5GHz CPUDual-core 2.5GHz CPUMPC Live II
VST 2/3 compatible hostVST 2/3 Plugin compatible hostMPC X
AAX plugin compatible hostAAX plugin compatible hostMPC Key 37
AU plugin compatible hostMPC Key 61
MPC One+

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